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The Path to Seduction

Approach, attract and seduce women

I wanted to write this post for a loooong time.
Learning seduction has its benefits and its … benefits. I could go on and on about the cool techniques to get the rapport going, powerful principles on how to have a manly vibe so the attraction switch is pulled and many other advanced tricks that would get you to the pussy land.
Still, one of the most important thing I’ve got from seduction (besides its powerfull engine to get your self development going) were the stories. I have so many stories about so many encounteres I could spend months talking about them.

But I can’t!

And you know why?

Because I can’t tell them to the girls I’m meeting, to my colleagues or to my friends (they’d consider it bragging). I can tell them only to my pivot (my wing woman and best friend), my wing men and my apprentices (to get the motivation going).

But now I’m going to tease you with 3 of the encounteres I had. Key words: spitting, death, blood.

Did I arouse your curiosity?

DISCLAIMER: These are some of my extreme experiences and are not the ordinary lays I get from meeting a lot of women. Treat with care!

1) She taught me how to spit!

She was a medicine student that I’ve met during Halloween 3 years ago. I was dressed as The Amazing Spiderman and she was well … curious! I teased her that she knew me (I had the mask on) and got her number.

On the first date I realized she was a gold digger with high self esteem and powerful teasing talents. So I went for the “I’m not hard to get but I’m good to fuck” personality. She enjoyed the conversation and tried to pass me the tab but I said we’ll split. She looked at me in a strange, farewell type of look.
She continued to answer two of my calls but found excuses not to meet.
Her birthday came, which I ignored completely.
The next day I phone her (she ignored the call) and I text her: “I’m not the kind of guy that brings you presents when you expect, but I have something for you now, when you least expected it.”. She called me, said she was nearby, and came at our meeting point (in front of my home).
I dressed well, came to her and when she asked for her present I told her it’s rude to bring a present to a girl in her car. She got out of the car and I brought her to my apartment where we fucked.

And how we fucked! She was a naughty naughty girl and I pounded her like a mad man! She was moving the furniture with the power of her orgasm when she said: “Spit!”. I looked at her not knowing what she meant (she was wet so … what the fuck?). She repeated, raising her chin.

And then I got it. I filled my mouth with saliva and spitted on her!

She enjoyed it so I continued: fucking, spitting, drinking water, getting a blow job, spitting again, more water …

The sex was great (she’s in my top 5).

I associate her playing with this little toy from Adam & Eve .

After that I wanted to see if she was the only one that liked spitting. I wrote the results in this post, seems like girls love being spit on if you’re a bad boy without any emotional involvement in your approach.

Part 2: the death girl will come in due time :)  
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