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The Path to Seduction

Approach, attract and seduce women

This is the second article from a series of short tips that will follow. You can find the first article here.

How to open mother-daughter sets

When using direct openers I find that the best way to open mother daughter sets is to open the mum telling her that her daughter is <COMPLIMENT> and that I want to make acquaintance. The mother receives the compliment, I make acquaintance with the daughter and continue gaming the daughter.

How to convert a FB to a Friends with benefits or LTR

I find that the best way to do the conversion is to invite the girl at my place to cook together. Cooking is a relationship activity and it’s easy to convert the girl to a higher status in your harem.

Keeping her out of the LTR frame

“I don’t consider I’m in a relationship after I fucked the girl or 2 months after I’ve met her. I need to know her at her best and at her worst and we need to have a lot of common experiences before I consider her my girlfriend.” Rephrase it to suit your personality.

Best hour to call her

Statistically speaking: 21:30. To be sure she’s at home, doing nothing you can check that she’s online on Facebook :)

The Qualifying Chain

A fast way to get into common subjects (especially when the girl is in a hurry) is The Qualifying Chain. Basically you chain qualifying questions (/assumptions) together until you hit a common subject: You look like the kind of girl that writes poetry .. or does something creative! (… No …) Haha, but do you know how to dance?

Cool reading material

46 Women Who Were Not My Wife

Gaming, A TEAM sport

My Personal PUA Journey (by Entropy)

My boy lollipop with never leave me, because it would grieve me <– I’m at the same point in game as Krauser is: after you pass 100 notches you stop caring about the quantity *and* quality of women you’re fucking and you start looking for a very specific kind of woman: the extremely feminine girl.

Spread the message, girls should read and apply advice from this blog :)

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