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The Path to Seduction

Approach, attract and seduce women

2012 marked a new start for me.

It was the first year I didn’t concentrate on quality (or quantity) but on feminity.

I had quite a lot of girls during the years, I estimate a bit over 120 and having yet another girl didn’t fulfill me.

Yes, I approached girls and yes, I tried to get them in bed but I stopped concentrating on fucking the gorgeous girls on the street and started seeking other qualities.

In 2012 I started looking for the feminine girl, the girl that blushes when you look at her, the girl that always wears heels and loves to be chaotic, the girl that wants to please her man.

And I didn’t find many!

A lot of girls develop shields around her personalities (usually due to the breakups with their ex boyfriends) thus creating an ice between me and them. Some pickup gurus teach you how to break this ice but I found out that breaking the ice isn’t fulfilling any more.

From time to time I approach a girl where everything is natural. Yes, she has tests and yes, it’s not always easy but the connection I get by just being around her is way more fulfilling than approaching and fucking 10s.

In 2013 I plan on leaving the quantity and the quality game. I want to concentrate strictly on the feminine girls.

2012 results

Here are my results for 2012:

  • #cl: 215 (2010: 250)
  • fcl: 14 (2010: 32)

That means I fucked 6.5% of the girls I’ve number closed. (in 2010 I had 12.8%)

Why this lower number?

Mostly because I wasn’t interested in getting more notches.

The results for 2011 were about the same as in 2010, I didn’t do a full year statistic but I had 80 #cl and 10 lays in the first 4 months.

2010 was about the quantity, 2011 was about the quality and 2012 was about the feminity.

2013 and what’s next

In 2013 I’ll get my numbers even lower. I’m not interested in getting another notch, I’d rather have a fun date with a feminine girl.

So check out my future posts, some interesting stories will be coming! :)

  • catalin

    Nu ai un blog si in romana? Nu stiu foarte bine engleza, dar imi place stilul tau si te-am mai urmarit in clipurile audio. Ar fi important sa putem beneficia si noi de lectura ta.

  • http://www.castigatimp.ro Vaida Bogdan

    Nope, this blog is only in English (so that it can be read internationally). I do have some posts on http://www.artaseductiei.ro (including audio content of my sarges, in Romanian) and I’ll release a book soon (in Romanian).

    Vaida Bogdan – contact@vaidabogdan.com

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