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I won’t get into details on this one but I have a good tip about reframing your interaction after you’ve fucked.

She may be worried about your behavior the next day so she asks you something around: “what are we now” or “what happens next”.

I found that the best answer is: “We liked each other, we had a great time and nobody knows what we’ve done”.

Basically you don’t give her a clear answer.

If you want to frame her as your mistress just change the tense to present: ”We like each other, we had a great time and nobody knows what we’re doing”.

I won’t recommend you screwing where you work but in case it happens, here’s a “get out of office gossip free” card.

PS: I haven’t updated this blog in a while because I’m working on my book. I’ve got to around 60% :)

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    Welcome back , also Im very anxious for the book :D

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